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Crosby’s course on lifting and hoisting safely

In collaboration with Crosby, Endenburg organised an extremely interesting course for all VVT members and Endenburg clients on Wednesday, 30 June 2010. Seventy participants took part in the afternoon course. After eating a delicious lunch in the Mecure Hotel, the participants enjoyed an informative afternoon. Rob Put from Crosby Europe started the day with several bad examples of lifting and hoisting that occur daily.

After going through chapters on inspection, calculating the centre of gravity and double hitching, participants had time for a short break. After the break, Frédéric Crynen spoke about shackles, hoisting eyes, wedge sockets and steel wire rope. He gave a lot of product information and tips on use to minimize mistakes.

After the course, Endenburg received positive feedback from the participants including: “It was good to brush up my knowledge on hoisting.”; “Next time I’m going to send my colleagues because this is useful for everyone.”; “Oh, yeah, that’s how it works.”; and “Nice to deal with the material in more detail this time around.”

At the end of 2010, we’re again offering the course. Mail us if you want to participate. Date and time will be announced.