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News: Endenburg B.V.

After careful and thorough considerations I have decided to change the course of Endenburg BV.

Through market globalization and influx of capital in our industry, the operating environment of companies has changed considerably. Companies position themselves as local players with short communication lines to their customer base or they operate on a large and international scale, as I see it.

Endenburg has been in our family for five generations and very successful in its business. It has become too big to be a local player and at the same time too small to become an international player.
In order to ensure the prosperity of the business and the future of our employees, I have decided to team up with other players, where the Endenburg activities come out right and can be further developed.
For the maritime, offshore and heavy lifting customers we have found the right partner in Lankhorst Ropes, part of WireCo WorldGroup. A financially strong group with its multiple production facilities and its specific expertise in house, where a part of the Endenburg team and customer base will strengthen the specific market position.

For the industrial customers nothing has changed yet, they will continue to be serviced by the Endenburg team.  Although I expect to inform you soon about the final strategic choice we will make with this activity.

I would like to thank you all for your loyalty over the past decades and hope this will continue for decades to come.

Yours sincerely,

Marcel van der Molen
Endenburg BV