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Privacy Statement

Endenburg B.V., located at Industriestraat 9, 2802 AC Gouda, takes its responsibility for processing your personal details as shown in this privacy statement.


Contact details | Industriestraat 9, 2802AC Gouda | +31182796524

This privacy statement is applicable on the use of the website and the service that is provided by Endenburg B.V. The starting date of the new privacy conditions is 25/5/2018. When a new version is published, the old conditions will automatically be replaced by the new statement.
This statement shows which personal details are gathered, where they are saved, how they are used and under which circumstances they can be shared with 3rd parties. We also explain how we prevent your private information from being stolen and your rights regarding the details you have shared with us.

Personal details that we process

Endenburg B.V. processes your personal details as you make use of our services and/or you have shared your details with us. Below, you will find an overview of the information that we process:
– First/last name
– Phone number
– Email address
– IP-address
– Location details
– Data regarding your activities on our website
– Internet browser and device details

Purpose of the data processed

General purpose
Endenburg B.V. only uses your information for its services. This means that the purpose always has a direct connection to the orders placed by you. We do not use your details for target marketing. In a situation where you share your details with us and we use them to contact you via any possible way, we will explicitly ask for your permission to do so. Your personal data will not be shared with any 3rd party, except for abiding to financial obligations. All 3rd parties are obliged to confidentiality on behalf of the agreement between Endenburg B.V. and them.

Automatically collected data

All data that is collected by our website will be processed ONLY with the purpose to optimize and improve our services. This data (e.g. IP-address and web browser) are not considered as personal data.

Cooperation in tax and criminal investigation

In some cases Endenburg B.V. is obliged by law to share your data in connection with tax or criminal investigations by the government. When this event occurs, Endenburg B.V. is forced to share your data, but we assure you that we will do everything we can to resist sharing any personal data.

Right of objection and other rights

You have the right of objection against processing your personal data by Endenburg B.V.. In case you use your right of objection, we will immediately stop processing your data while we await the handling of your objection. In case the objection is justly, we will hand you the personal data that we processed and destroy it afterwards. Moreover, you have the right to object to be part of automated marketing.

Duration of data that is saved

Endenburg B.V. does not store your personal data any longer than absolutely necessary to provide our services to you.

Below you can find the personal data that is stored in certain circumstances:
– Your name is stored when you fill in the contact form on the website. We will store this as long as we actively correspond with you. If you become a client afterwards, we will keep your personal details for an undetermined period. If not, we will delete this data.
– Your email address is stored to contact you. This is stored as long as we actively correspond with you. Afterwards both the email address and the history of conversation will be deleted.

Cookies, or comparable methods we use

Google analytics

Google uses cookies on our website, which is part of their “analytics”-service. We use this service to get an insight in the behavior of visitors of our website. Google is obliged, on behalf of the privacy law, to give insight in this data. We collect information of our visitors’ surfing behavior and share this information with Google. Google can use this data to research your behavior on the Internet. Google also uses this information to offer targeted advertisements (Adwords) and other Google-services and products.

This website uses the Salesfeed software. This software tracks statistics regarding behavior and locations of visitors. The SalesFeed software processes IP-addresses of visitors. The IP-addresses are linked to a database filled with company details. The company information that is registered after visiting our website, will never be shared with 3rd parties. SalesFeed is responsible for securing this data, as part of the agreement between Endenburg B.V. and SalesFeed.

How we secure your personal data
Endenburg B.V. takes the security of personal data very serious and has taken appropriate measurements to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized change. In case you feel that your data is not secured appropriately or when there are signs of abuse, please contact our customer service via