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Man Riding Baskets for working safely at heights

Endenburg is the place to be for your man riding baskets, spreaders and other hoisting tools. Our strength is to find suitable solutions for your problems. By doing so, we develop lifting tools that meet requirements and wishes from our clients. All man riding baskets will be provided with a certificate and delivered after inspection, including Aboma-Keboma.


Custom-made man riding baskets

A man riding basket is of great value to improve your safety while working at heights. Therefore, we sell man riding baskets of the highest quality only. Your man riding basket will be accompanied with suitable lifting chains, meeting your wishes and the safety standards of NEN-EN-14502-1. Also, all man riding baskets will be accompanied with certificates of conformity, technical guidelines and user manuals.

Special dimensions or WLL man riding baskets are upon request.

Various standard models:

• Single person man riding basket – WLL. 125 kg. dimensions:  900 x 800 mm.
• 2 person man riding basket – WLL. 250 kg. dimensions: 1500 x 800 mm.
• 3 person man riding basket – WLL. 500 kg. dimensions: 2000 x 800 mm.
• 4 person man riding basket – WLL. 600 kg. dimensions: 1800 x 800 mm.
• Self-balancing man riding baskets up to a length of 10 meters.

All man riding baskets will be delivered ready-to-use.


Inspection of man riding baskets

Endenburg can also be considered a specialist on inspecting your lifting and hoisting materials. During the process of inspecting your man riding baskets, we thoroughly check whether any deviations can be found. This can be caused by damage or tiredness of the product. Once your man riding basket is approved according to the latest NEN-EN standards, you will be provided with an updated certificate, which is directly accessible for you on our SharePoint portal.

Don’t have a SharePoint account yet? Please send an e-mail to for an account request. Our Endenburg staff will inform you about your unique login details.


Questions about man riding baskets?

For questions you can always contact our sales department, or feel free to visit Endenburg.

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