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RUD® - lifting points

 Hoisting rings

Endenburg has been an official dealer of RUD hoisting rings for years now. Besides new products, Endenburg also has a special stock of auxiliary materials to repair your hoisting rings. RUD® is known as a high-quality producer of lifting equipment, which fits perfectly within the scope of Endenburg; to offer high quality lifting materials, to increase our clients’ efficiency and safety on the job.

Endenburg is also a dealer of Crosby, Theile and Gunnebo and we keep a stock on these products and auxiliary materials as well.


All products offered by Endenburg can also be inspected. Especially for these situations a stock is kept with auxiliary materials and spare parts to be of quick service. When inspecting we have options to proof load the hoisting rings, to be absolutely sure the rings are still in the right shape. After the inspection is finished, our client receives a renewed certificate of conformity on which the inspection is marked.


NEW: RUD® ACP-TURNADO, the worlds’ first ‘smart’ hoisting rings.

This new hoisting ring has many advantages compared to the conventional hoisting rings. It’s carefully developed, as all critical stress points are strengthened. This realizes a higher working load limit compared to other hoisting rings.


The advantages:

–      Free turning of the ring
–      Unique spring mechanism
–      Optimized design: strengthened on stress points
–      RUD ‘ice-bolt’ technology: special steel grade with high flexibility
–      Up to 30% higher WLL compared to other hoisting rings
–      Equipped with a RFID chip for an easier overview of inspection history
–      ‘wearing’ indicators


Working Load Limit (WLL) – table



If you would like to use the RUD® ACP-TURNADO lifting points for your next project, please contact one of our specialists. You can also call: 0182 – 796524.