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Twist4lift: unique container lifting system


As your supplier of lifting and hoisting equipment, we aim to keep our products innovative. We are proud to announce that we have extended our assortment with the new Twist4lift® container lifting system. This universal system has many advantages when it’s compared to the traditional way of lifting containers.


Unique container lifting system

The Twist4lift® can be used to lift containers safely. It’s compact, easy to use and equipped with a safety lock which makes it a perfect alternative to lift your containers with. Every Twist4lift® has a working load limit of 10 tons, but when 4 are used your working load limit increases to 40 tons.


Benefits of using the Twist4lift®

Easy to install and to lock

No need to use right or left container hooks.

No difference between straight and twisted hooks. Depending on the burden, they can be used under any angle.

The Twist4lift® won’t fall out of the corner castings as it’s equipped with a special lock feature. This will reduce the chances for damage and/or loss.


Product characteristics

Own weight: Ca. 3.5 kg. each

WLL: 14 tons each

WLL when using complete set (4): 56 tons

Compatible with: Containers with corner castings, produced under ISO 1161 standard

Inspection: Annual visually inspected, and when necessary proofload.