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Green Pin Tycan® - hoisting

The solution for your next lifting project

Green Pin Tycan® is made of the world’s strongest man-made fiber, Dyneema®. It is a link chain with the performances of steel but is eight times lighter. The chains are safe in use, are non corrosive, featherlight and 100% waterproof. In fact, it even floats. The Green Pin Tycan® chain has proven to create a greater productivity, reduce costs as our clients can work faster, and above all, it creates a safer working environment.

Advantages of the Green Pin Tycan® chain

The weight: The chain is 8 times lighter than steel. This means that it is light enough for 1 person to work with it all day long. Besides that, in many cases the weight of the chain is below the legal lifting weight by hand (23 kilos).

Safety: The Green Pin Tycan® chain is build up with 8 layers and mobius twist. The twist makes sure that the forces on each link are distributed equally. The 8 layers of webbing have created maximum strength from the Dyneema® fiber.

Resistance: Green Pin Tycan® has a great resistance to cutting and sanding. Oil, dirt and diesel won’t affect the performances of the chain.

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