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Green Pin Tycan® - lashing chains

The perfect lashing solution:

The Green Pin Tycan® lashing chain has been created from the world’s strongest man-made fiber, Dyneema® and is a link chain with all the performance and flexibility of steel chain, but is 8 times lighter than steel. The Green Pin Tycan® chain has proven to be extremely safe in use, is non corrosive, featherlight and completely waterproof. In fact, it would even float on the water. By using the Green Pin Tycan® chain our clients achieve greater productivity, reduce costs as they work faster, and create a safer working environment.

Chains are evolving
Green Pin Tycan®, the lightest, strongest and safest chain the world has seen so far. This is the first synthetic chain in the world, made with Dyneema®.

Green Pin Tycan®, strong as steel, 8 times lighter
The Green Pin Tycan® chain will give you the performance of a steel chain, but is up to eight times lighter. This will give you a safer working environment as it is easy to lift and to handle when lashing your cargo.

Certified for lashing cargo
Green Pin Tycan® is DNVGL certified for lashing your cargo. This proves the chains’ performances as it was carefully and extensively tested.

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