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Inspections in the field

Are you interested in having your lifting materials inspected? We’re here to let you know that our employees are all certified inspectors of lifting and hoisting equipment. As we have several specialists, we are able to inspect your materials in the field on a very short notice. This enables us to do inspections, reparations and instalations.


Reparation and replacement of your lifting materials

Our employees are also specialized in rigging. They can help you with all common proceedings onboard of a ship such as testing, mounting/demounting steel wire ropes and synthetic ropes. Our colleagues in the field always make sure they bring spare parts to make sure they can execute reparations.


Experienced specialists ready to inspect your lifting & hoisting materials

The field department consists of several experienced specialists, that are all trained, specialized in inspecting all lifting and hoisting materials in different environments. Endenburg can also help you offshore, as we have all needed certificates and diplomas to work offshore. To be of best service, we will always focus on investing in training and educating our specialists so we can ensure the safety and quality of your lifting materials.


Inspection of lifting and hoisting materials

Endenburg can inspect of your common lifting and hoisting materials, but also fall protection gear. These products are tested and inspected and a renewed certificate will be provided to you. The certificates will be instantly accessible on your personal Sharepoint account. You can easily download the certificates and always show them in case it’s needed. Sending certificates by mail is the old fashioned way, as we found a way to speed up the process of certifying.



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