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Outstanding performance Samson HMPE Ropes onto tugger winches

Endenburg tested the application to use Amsteel-Blue ropes onto tugger winches aboard Anchor Handling Tugs. In October 2008 Endenburg installed two 110 mtr Samson Amsteel-Blue ropes dia 28 mm onto the tugger winches on board the 100 ton BP AHT Bremen Fighter (former AHT Primus). The last 3 years this tug, managed by Unterweser Reederei GmbH,has sailed all over the world carrying out many towing and Anchor Handling jobs.

The MBL for this 12 strand rope is 60,4 ton. This is the same or evenhigher than steelwirerope. The residual strength test after more than 3 years of operation, showed a result of over 91% of the new ropes’ MBL.

Advantages to use this rope instead for steelwire.

· Safety; no snap back danger and not hazardous for injuries when the rope is damaged
· More easy to use; so time reduction in operations
· Weight reduction; 110 mtr. steelwire weighs 320 kg – 110 mtr Amsteel-Blue weighs 52 kg
· Continuous use even whilst damaged during operation
· Easy repaired after damage

For more information regarding the use of HMPE ropes on tugger winches please contact our Sales Department.